Ugg boots as they are: 6 facts about unique shoes
Ugg boots as they are: 6 facts about unique shoes

Warm, comfortable and reliable footwear. 4 letters. The first is "y", the last is "and". This is from a fresh scanword puzzle:) However, even without clues in the form of already solved letters at the intersection of a word, you can give the correct answer.

Ugg boots have been known for at least 100 years. They appeared in our latitudes not very long ago, but over the course of several years they have become as recognizable and popularly loved as possible. First of all, due to its characteristics - these shoes are comfortable, warm and dry in bad weather. Caustic remarks about style and sarcastic jokes about the same are further proof of popularity.

After all, few shoes or clothing draws so much attention to themselves.


But, as you know, there is never enough attention.Despite the excitement, we cannot say that even their fans and fans know everything about ugg boots. Yes Yes! These are not only women's shoes. In the homeland of this shoe, both men and women wear it in equal shares. After all, the main advantages - convenience and reliability - do not have gender preferences. And this is the first fact.

  • Now about the homeland. Residents of Australia and New Zealand argue for the right to be called the "fathers" of ugg boots. Local farmers, somewhere at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, began to make shoes from sheepskin - since there were always plenty of sheep in these places. In this case, the workpiece was turned inside out - the pile inside (for comfort), the skin outside (for reliability).
  • Actually, ugg boots have never been bohemian shoes. From farmers, for whom the main criterion was dry feet in warmth, these shoes were adopted by hunters, then by skiers and even pilots. In general, all those who spend a lot of time in the damp or cold. But since the 1980s, the fashion for ugg boots has embraced even Hollywood stars.
  • Frankly speaking, "uggs" is not the most correct name. In the original language, these shoes are called "uggs". By the way, UGG Australia is a registered trademark. Moreover, the popularity of these shoes in the world is so high that most of them are fake.
  • As for the name, it happened by merging two words: ugly and boots. The former can be translated as ugly or ugly. The second is boots, boots or footwear in general. Indeed, initially the appearance of ugg boots scared away fashionistas and fashionistas. But today manufacturers offer a huge selection of colors, models and accessories (from ordinary buttons and bows to Swarovski jewelry) that make shoes as stylish as possible.
  • Maximum choice of models: on thick soles or wedges, on heels, knitted and styled like sneakers, with laces and zippers, any colors and patterns - can be found at

When buying online, remember that the original UGG Australia ugg boots (even if they are made in China) it is better to take one size smaller than the rest of your shoes. The rest of the products are usually the same as your real foot size.

In any case, the seller on can be asked to provide additional measurements.

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