Anna Dobrydneva spoke about love
Anna Dobrydneva spoke about love

Ukrainian singer Anna Dobrydneva congratulated the readers of the site Unique on Valentine's Day and talked about what the most wonderful proof of love she received from a man.

In exclusive interviews dedicated to Valentine's Day, the stars of Ukrainian show business share their love stories with the One, talk about ideal gifts for February 14, the most romantic places for dating and the most insane things they did for the sake of their loved one. The heroine of today's material is the singer Anna Dobrydneva.


What do you think is the most perfect Valentine's Day gift for your significant other? And were you creative yourself in this regard?

We all love attention. Both men and women. The most amazing thing about a gift is not a monetary equivalent, but something that characterizes the uniqueness and personality trait. For example, a couple came to the cinema, to some action. During the film, a glimpse of, say, an aquarium with turtles is shown. And the girl says: "How I love turtles! I even had a turtle at home in my childhood." Imagine how pleased she will be, after a long time and not at all attaching importance to this remark, to receive as a gift something connected with turtles. A plush turtle toy, a turtle-shaped cake, a precious turtle amulet. They say it is difficult to choose a gift. In fact, you just need to be genuinely attentive and catch the beautiful little things. There are a lot of options.

What do you think is the most romantic place to spend Valentine's Day?

It's always incredibly pleasant for me to celebrate on stage. When the maximum concentration of love is around, romantic couples embrace, red hearts are everywhere. It is very beautiful and touching.

What is the most unusual valentine you've ever received?

I read at the airport while waiting for the boarding invitation. A small child ran up to me, threw a card-heart at me, and then, embarrassed, hid behind his mother. It was very, very nice.


What's the most beautiful proof of love you've ever received from a man?

Any proof of love, like any, even the most timid manifestation of it, is a miracle. I believe that your feelings should be given as much as possible. With all passion and tenderness. This is happiness. Once a man dear to my heart said to me: "Dobrydneva, you are constantly given flowers. You have such a job. I really want you to remember my flowers." And so I come back from a tour, and under my balcony there are many beautiful flowers. Moreover, initially it was a gloomy, trodden area of land on which nothing ever grew. He planted flowers with a beautiful, multi-colored mosaic. They were then watered by all the affectionate neighbors.

Are you ready for crazy deeds (or maybe you already did) for the sake of your loved one?

They say that lovers are inadequate. Actions that are committed by chance, as a result of a wonderful emotional impulse, look insane from the outside. I believe this is the most important meaning of life - to be a happy madman when your blood is a bubbling cocktail of dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline. When you see the best in others and show the best in yourself. Life becomes brighter and more contrasting, as if a special filter was imposed on it. All music and all films are about you and your feelings. Of course, I've had a lot of spontaneous romantic frenzy!

What would you like to wish to the visitors of the women's website Unique on Valentine's Day?

I wish you not to be afraid of true love, not to be afraid to show your feelings, not to be afraid to look crazy. All-all beautiful, and, most importantly, mutual love. Take care of each other!

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