How to create a trendy spring look: stylist tips
How to create a trendy spring look: stylist tips

With the arrival of spring, girls and women are becoming more and more interested in what colors to choose to create a spring look. The shopping and entertainment complex "Solnechnaya Gallery" will help you make the right choice.

The Solnechnaya Gallery shopping mall continues to welcome guests at the Fashion Point, where everyone can get a free consultation from the professional stylist Karina Goldovskaya.

“Many girls would like to add bright colors to their wardrobe, but they are afraid that they will look too extravagant. Therefore, they ask to demonstrate the basic principles of drawing up bright and stylish sets using the example of clothes from the Cherry store. For example, delicate: pink - blue - coffee, or saturated: light green - gray - peach. Also, customers were interested in the most necessary fashion purchases of the season in order to avoid unnecessary waste. Personally, I was struck by the conservatism and a certain stiffness of our beautiful ladies.

They are afraid to experiment, they are afraid to add colors, decorations, not to mention original styles and prints.


But imagine a girl in a new dress, which is beaten with interesting accessories - this is so feminine and stylish, and she certainly will not go unnoticed. So why shouldn't our beautiful women try on new looks - this is not only an interesting experience, but maybe also new opportunities in life,”notes Karina Goldovskaya, stylist of the Fashion Point project at the Solnechnaya Gallery shopping mall.


As Yves Saint Laurent said: "Fashion passes, but style is eternal." Therefore, every woman just needs to find her own individual style. Come to the Fashion Point at the Solnechnaya Gallery shopping mall, get free professional advice and become the most stylish.

Fashion Point is open every weekend, from 14:00 to 17:00.


Information about the shopping and entertainment complex "Solnechnaya Gallery"

SEC "Solnechnaya Gallery" was opened in September 2008 in Krivoy Rog. Today it is the first and only professional shopping facility in the city, which offers its visitors a new level of comfortable shopping and recreation.

On two floors of the gallery there are more than 100 shops for adults and children with a wide range of products and various price proposals. The anchor tenants of the shopping mall are: "Comfy" electronics and household appliances store, "Auchan" hypermarket, "New Yorker" fashion store, Obuv Center, "Sportmaster", "Puma", "Intertop", "Brocard" perfume and cosmetics store, " Budinok Igrashok "," O'Stin "," Marathon "," Megasport "," Chester "," Camel Active "and many others. On the territory of the SEC "Solnechnaya Gallery" there are cozy cafes and restaurants, a dry cleaner, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, and a playground for children.

Due to its unique characteristics and high level of comfort, the shopping complex has become a favorite place for shopping and pastime for the residents of Krivoy Rog.

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