Actor Valery Nikolaev detained again
Actor Valery Nikolaev detained again

An unpleasant situation happened a few days ago with Valery Nikolaev, an actor known for many films. Ukrainian viewers will remember him as the protagonist of the series "Bourgeois's Birthday".

For several days, the media have continued to write about the famous actor Valery Nikolaev. True, this is rumor or fiction, but supposedly on February 24, the main character of the series "Bourgeois's Birthday" fled the scene … knocking down a woman on Chistoprudny Boulevard.

The patrolmen tried to detain the actor, but he did not obey their demands to stop.

On February 26, when the actor detained by law enforcement agencies was in the courtroom, he was supposed to be sentenced. But he left the conference room.

At the moment, Valery Nikolaev has been detained again. How the pedestrian collision case is progressing is still unknown. But, judging by the reviews of friends and colleagues on the actor's page on the social network, everything is not as simple as reported by media sources.


The actor recently underwent surgery, he is engaged in several projects, and the latest incident could seriously affect his health. If Valery Nikolaev allegedly left the scene, if he left the courtroom without waiting for the decision, maybe everything is completely different?..

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