How to wear a leopard print and not be vulgar: examples of celebrities
How to wear a leopard print and not be vulgar: examples of celebrities

Since ancient times, we have inherited a love for clothing made from animal skins. Since then, natural fur has been replaced by prints on fabrics. In the summer, the "leopard" will appear on every second. But few people know how to elegantly wear animal prints..

Wear only one "animal"

Animal print attracts a lot of attention, so if you want to wear a thing with a "leopard", remember - there must be one animal. Well, I mean, if you wear a dress covered in leopard spots, then shoes and accessories should be neutral and monochromatic. If you want to wear a blouse with an animal print, then pick it up with a plain pencil skirt below the knee. The main thing in this situation is not to overdo it.


Kate moss

Use the "leopard" as a token

To emphasize your style, it is not necessary to wear "skins" completely, you can simply put on your accessory in a spotted "skin". It can be a large bracelet, cuffs, socks, scarf. Even the simplest black dress will sparkle in a new way if you add such a detail to it.

Focus on the bag

Make an unusual leopard-print bag the basis of your look. Perhaps, shoes and a bag are the only option for combining two different animalistic prints in one look, although you should not get carried away with mixing. It is desirable that it be the same beast. For example, python ballet flats and a clutch with scales will complement each other wonderfully, but a zebra and a leopard will be too much.


Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton

Find the right animal shoes

Shoes with a leopard print, or a print of a picture of the skin of another animal are always a win-win option. Motley skins look great on boats, ballet flats, loafers and even sneakers. They go well with pipe trousers, shirts, plain dresses. But it is better to avoid stilettos, sandals, boots with a "leopard" - such prints are very cheap and enjoy the ill fame of vulgarity.


Reese Witherspoon, Rod Stewart, Amber Heard

How not to?

  1. Don't mix two different prints in the same look.
  2. Less neckline, bright makeup, mini and stilettos if you are wearing a leopard. He's already getting a lot of attention.
  3. Don't wear synthetics with animal prints. It always looks cheap.
  4. Do not wear a leopard to the office or to a dinner party - this is inappropriate in business circles.
  5. Images

    Khloe Kardashian, Britney Spears, Salma Hayek

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